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Kevin McEleney (aka Droughter) returns with another release under his Endless Time moniker. For “Patience,” he stretches two slabs of blasting electronics across a twenty-minute cassette. It’s plenty noisy, but doesn’t go much beyond that.

The A-side piece, “The Clock Ends,” is full of bass-heavy electronic blats and buzzes with a few other sounds creeping in as the track unfolds. “Just After Sunset,” the B-side track kicks things into a higher frequency, pushing the bass of the first track into the background. It’s a lot more abrasive too, with peals of electronic squall and distortion filling out the mix.

In the end, “Patience” offers up a few interesting blaps and bloops, but I can’t say it was terribly memorable or exciting. For most of the tape, it comes across like listening to a set of blown speakers pushed into the red while someone twiddles with the stereo knobs. If that’s your thing, check this out.


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