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On this limited cassette release we see the return of Bill Hutson under his Rale moniker. His side of this tape is a solitary track with a load of warm, pulsing low-end bass tones, gradually being swallowed up by distortion and decay to quite unsettling effect after a few minutes. I've got to admit the crunch and flutter of the distortion might go on a bit longer than necessary, though. I could've lived with more of the tasty synth drone at the start and less of that at the end, but that's nitpicking, isn't it. The 3 Headed Monster side is very different indeed, real unpleasant, faster paced, in-your-face noise, which seems to be based around manipulating feedback. It's quite busy. Apparently there's four tracks on this side but it's not all that easy figuring out where one ends and the next begins, and I don't suppose it matters really. It's not so frantic that the squall doesn't find interesting places, with the the screeching noises laid over one another until it sounds like a steam train screeching to a halt or, if you're Phil, "like your life falling down beneath you until you're lying in a pile of rubble". I thought my steam train analogy was a bit less bleak, though. This is a really interesting and uncompromising release from two very different but genuinely skilled makers of noise.


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