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Generally, I would not review a limited tape. I am making an exception here, since this is a very good work, also this is limited to 80 copies, which is fine. First of all, I have to say that the packaging here is excellent. Simple, yet effective b/w cover, punky and artistic at the same time. Sound Holes focuses on tapes as a label, doing a great job! As for the music, BBBlood could be described as a mixture of harsh noise with drones. There are the usual harsh noise elements (fat, crunchy distortion, background noises) matched by manipulating, cyclic drones. I really like the sound here, as it is not clean, but a bit muddy and it fits the tracks great I enjoyed both sides of this tape, the second track being a bit better in my opinion. In any case, this is a very promising and inspired release. I would definitely want to hear more of BBBlood inthe future.


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