Matthias Andersson | Fördämning

By far the best recording I've heard from this harsh noise project from Dayton, Ohio. Had the pleasure to see Being live in Gothenburg a couple of months ago (foreign harsh noise acts travelling through town isn't exactly something that happens every day). Was really into the first half which was basically just two contact mics being handled via two pedals each. Cords were moved slowly towards the table, sizzling and snapping. When it went into full harsh noise mode it all kind of confused and too messy for my taste, but still a pretty good show. 'Bent In The Shape Of Horns' starts out on the slower note with contact mic'ed breathy crackles, but eventually evolves into saturated but thick and at times heavy MSNP-echoed harsh noise. 'Silently Signal' on the B-side has this weird feedback running through the course, almost harmonising the distorted action. Not quite as striking as the A-side, but good shit nonetheless. Really into the sound quality on both sides, rotten tape decay but still somewhat clear and vibrant. All sounds cranked up to the absolute maximum of what the magnetic tape can tolerate, but keeping it just under the level where it all would have ended up in a shitty mess. 

FÖRDÄMNING (Transcribed)

Pick up a copy of Fördämning #2. Copies still available. Interviews with Idea Fire Company and Harbinger Sound are particularly excellent. 

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