NEW RELEASES: David Birchall / Nicolas Dobson / Javier Saso & Sindre Bjerga And Posset


#064 David Birchall / Nicolas Dobson / Javier Saso | XZ ::::::::: Brazil | C30

2 sides of abstract guitar, lap steel and violin spread over the stereo spectrum. Great interplay between the three musicians exploring a range of textures and atmospheres.  

Artwork edited from an original lino print by DQ.

Edition of 75

#065 Sindre Bjerga And Posset | Jazz Hands, Bloody Jazz Hands | C24

Sindre: Tape and vocal jams from Newcastle in 2015 and 2016.

Posset: Jazz influenced Jizz. Dicataphonix and grufftones.

Edition of 50

Sound samples:

Available here:

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