NEW RELEASES: YOL & Colin Webster And Graham Dunning

#068 YOL | On/Off | C30
"The title refers to electricity - On/Off, one side recorded with amplification the other all acoustic. Several experiments make up this collection, including an attempt (in part) to see how much an audience will put up with without leaving - trying to see if a piece could be "ruined" and then clawed back - no one left, first attempts at playing a violin and playing a guitar like a bucket. YOL is a singular voice with a wide repertoire of fierce aural energy. No need to instruct you to play this one loud."

Edition of 75

#070 Colin Webster & Graham Dunning | Most Of What Follows Is True | C40
"Colin webster plays; baritone saxophone, Graham Dunning plays; turntable, dubplates, objects and spring reverb. The resultant sounds extend over the range of the instruments/objects - deep bass notes held over scratchy static... flutters of tone creating discordance... saxophone pads/keys offering percussive counterpoint to more open structures... free form blasts of sound. An incredibly engaging listen."

A companion release is available through Fractal Meat - a selection of remixes of the tracks presented here.

Edition of 100

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